I'm just a dreamer in this crazy messed up world.

I love coffee, reading, and rainy days.



I love vintage stuff but I’m so glad I can enjoy them in the 21st century with my iphone, wifi and slightly more human rights 

somebody gets it.

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Born Ready To Bleed | Lora Mathis  (via soggypoetry)

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Do not let the boys come to you with their mouthes like promises and give you nothing but cruelty. Do not love them for their idle kindness. Do not give yourself the impossible task of curing their blindness. Do not count your flaws to distract yourself from theirs. If they tell you they are a sex addict and you are better off forgetting them, do not ignore them. Bruising your knees in response will not make them sorry. Do not destroy yourself so they will stay. Do not forget that you taste like a gun wound when you smear red over your lips. That your hips represent three generations of starting over. That loneliness has bore its way into every woman in your family and yet, here you are, so willing to share your mouth full of stars. It’s no wonder you choke up whenever you lie outside alone. You are the universe in tangible form.


some feelings

  • entering a warm room after being out in the cold
  • peeling off your socks after a long day
  • the “boom” in your heart when you hear a firework explode
  • having someone brush your hair
  • the buzz of your fingers opening a package you had been waiting for
  • writing with a new pen
  • the funny feeling in your stomach when you see the sun outside your window and realize you’ve stayed up all night

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someone push me up against a wall and kiss me like I matter

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